What is DinarCoin (DNC)

What is DinarCoin (DNC)

What is DinarCoin ?

DinarCoin is a digital currency backed by physical gold reserves by the ratio of 1 DinarCoin (DNC) equal to 4.25 gold gram. DinarCoin are securely held in DinarDirham Wallet, which is also similar to any bitcoin address. DinarCoin can be transferred between DinarDirham wallets the same way as bitcoins or any digital assets. Also, DinarCoin can be exchanged on decentralized marketplace to buy GSC (Gold Smart Contract), Bitcoin and Fiat or request direct exchange with DinarDirham IB (Introducer Broker).

Who can use DinarCoin ?

Anybody who wants to diversify their financial and digital holdings into secure and reliable digital gold, and use it for investment, trading, or as method of payment. Our customers are those who value accessibility, convenience, asset protection, transparency, and privacy. DinarCoin is using latest trading technology and platform to exchange it into other assets available in the decentralized liquidity.

How do I know my DinarCoin are secure ?

DinarDirham is built on top of the revolutionary and cryptographically secure bitcoin 2.0 blockchain and confirms to strict security and global government laws and regulations. 1 DinarCoin is based on current gold price provided by our liquidity and bridged 100% to “buy” 1:1 leverage XAU/USD to the prime brokers. Gold Smart Contract is 100% backed by grade gold bullion stored in independent vaults. As a fully transparent system, we publish a real-time record of all value held and transferred in and out of participated vaults. (DNC) Dinar Coin and (GSC) Gold Smart Contract in wallet can be securely stored, sent, and received across the blockchain and are redeemable anytime.

Is DinarDirham Transparent ?

Our platform is built to be fully transparent at all times and is regularly audited. Every (Dinar Coin) and (Smart Gold Contract) is backed 100% by assets holdings, and can be redeemed or transfer. Real-time access to an up-to-the-minute balance sheet showing DinarDirham custodian accounts, movement of assets, and outstanding (Dinar Coin) and (Smart Gold Contract) in circulation can be viewed at our Liquidity Providers.

How to define the amount of the XAU/USD or gold buy in particular Liquidity ?

Each Prime Broker has his own gold price marking (ticker) that allows full transparency of the issuance process and coin circulation. Information about all (Dinar Coin) and (Gold Smart Contract) issuances is visible in the Liquidity Provider, and also available from independent blockchain explorers. For example, the history of issuance and documentation pertaining to issuance of the (Dinar Coin) or (Gold Smart Contracts) are available from Liquidity Provider

What are DinarDirham fees ?

We charge for “issuing” and “burning” process with spreads for issuance fees and 2% burning fees. Each time DinarCoin are transferred between our wallets is FREE . We don’t charge storage or insurance fees. It’s on us.

  • The safest to use and store
  • Digital currencies will be stored in E-Wallet that is similiar to the internet banking system
  • Digital currencies cannot be printed like other fiat money
  • Digital currencies will be audited using the blockchain technology
  • Blockchain performed as public legder that can be monitored by 3rd parties
  • Decentralized peer to peer system


  • BANK
    1996:USD1 = RM2.50
    2016:USD1 = RM4.20
  • Easy to bring along & to be used
  • Counter Party Risk
  • Manual
  • Backed by


    1968:GOLD = USD32
    2016:GOLD = USD1100
  • Difficult to bring along & to be used
  • Physical Protection
  • Manual
  • Intrinsic


    2009:USD1 = 1309BTC
    2016:USD410 = 1BTC
  • Easy to bring along & to be used
  • No Protection
  • Automatic
  • No Physical Underlying Asset

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